La Grave the First Week 2010/2011

La Grave Part 1

First, a small apology, its my first blog, I shot the photos with a camera phone, and I am Dougie's Carlearning this website stuff from the beginning.  It will get better I promise, Stay with me.  The good Cameras and video will be soon to follow.

Well, Where to Begin,  I arrived in La Grave on the 17th of December the day before opening.  After securing my pass for the season, finding a bed for the night in the K2 Pub thanks to Pella and sorting my ski kit for morning, I was ready for opening day and just in the nick of time.  To my surprise, with all the snow there were only about 20 people in the morning cue on Opening day.  Unbelievable!!!!   We had untracked line after line in a yet to be explored season of a fresh snowpack. I don’t miss the states for a minute, Colorado you can have all your snow and it’s people that come with it, LOL.

Upon arriving to the Tram dock, it was only Matts and Villa in front of the door and a few folks waiting for tickets, Of course, Kurt was soon to follow and right there with us.   First run out the door was straight to the patou,  It is La Grave of course, we want couloirs.  Maybe one of the best Patou’s I have ever had, but we were warming up. As Kurt and Villa Were Rochamboeing to see who got to cut Patou, I thought of poaching both of them. But that’s ok because  Trifide 1 was mine next.  🙂

Untracked every run, No one here, and perfect snow,  just amazing,  On X-mas day things got a bit more interesting with exploration.  Ptor, myself and Villa, were the only 3 people standing at the tram dock waiting for commission to open.  Only 3 of us, I swear, 2 other visitors buying tickets, but we didn’t know them.  The mountain had been closed from the day before due to a nice Slab that Kurt went for a ride in under the lift at about 2600 meters or so.  So we were blessed when they let us up for a white X-mas of freshies.  Santa was good to us.

1st run with Ptor and Villa was straight into T1 from the upper side,  So Damn Good, and I am not lying,  3 people on the mountain at this point,  maybe 10 for the whole day.  We shifted our eyes towards the Banana after that, as it had not been skied yet for the season, so there was still some mystery there.  It skied amazing, and we were the only ones there.

So the first week has been something to remember,  No people, No lines, So much good snow, and you can be first where ever you want, or alone if you want.  Quiet scene in town, a great blues band at the K2 pub last Friday, and just the seasoner’s, as few as we are pouring back in to the routine we love. ,  I went a bit too hard this first week, and as i write this I am coming off of a four day flu or something, but it’s New Years, I will make the rounds tonight, and look forward to seeing the Genuine Locals of this village that brave this beautiful Town for the long haul.

Happy New Year All

Joey V.

PS,  The Pan was even skied a few times already too, all before the New Year 🙂  It’s Good!

2 thoughts on “La Grave the First Week 2010/2011

  1. jon pickett

    Very pro site. Nice job! I’m holding a VHS called Subject to Change, by TGR. It says Joe Vallone on the cover. I’m guessing that’s you, but I’m gonna watch it to find out!
    Safe and happy adventures in europe my man!


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