Down Days with the Norwegians!

Ceuse and St. Christoph Via Ferrata

So for 5 days the lift was closing at 1pm for a non freezing run of 5 days in a row.  The Isotherme was climbing and the skiing was getting dangerous in the afternoon.  It was still fun to ski, but super fun to ride early in the morning.  But we took a hint and it was time for a road trip or two.  We burnt two days down in Ceuse.  I have to say the guide book says its the best cliff in the world.  I might not agree with that statement as is, but I might agree that it is the best Limestone crag in the world.  The setting is amazing, the rock is gorgeous, steep, clean and very stout, sustained climbing.  What more could you ask for.  An amazing trip with the Norweigian invasion.

We woke up to this,  perfect sport wanking conditions, especially when its a steep hour to get up to the crag.

the view across the valley at little Ceuse.

We stayed in the little house to the left of this one,  Amazing and affordable, you hike up to the big piece of stone in the background from here. And the hosts here are amazing.

Saw these guys on the way up the trail. Pretty cool!

I didn’t take this photo but it tells a nice story!  This place is sick!!!! As the Governor said, “I’ll be Back”

The stone is insanely good, and steep.



More Tufa’s and there bolted! this place was sick, I will be back!


They really put pride in there cairns here!  That’s a happy Cairn,

This cairn is holding up Realization,  don’t move or touch it, the whole cliff is resting on it.


More Tufa’s14042011413

Looking up from the starting holds on Biographie otherwise known as Realization, by Chris Sharma!


The view of the cliff on approach.


Wall to Wall steepness.


The Line that started it all and put Ceuse on the map to the westerners of the world.



Gray Slabs!!!!!! Me Likes This!


Tons of fossils in the rocks on the trails and at the base. 14042011418

Vettla and Gard taking it all in .  We should of gone skiing though. 14042011436

This is about 10 % of the climbing that is visible from this photo at Ceuse.



There is a climber on the prow in the next photo.


Sweet trail and I hate hiking. 14042011402


The setting is hard to explain in a photo, but it’s one hell of a valley to look at from above.


Route Finding!




ST. Christoph, Via Ferrata.

We used a down day to check out the Ferrata of St. Christoph,  I highly recommend it to the Freaux one for all you folks that want to do something locally.  Yeah it takes 45 minutes to drive, there, but it doesn’t take two hours to descend.  It is much steeper then the Freaux as well and has a much more enjoyable setting along the river. Simply stunning place to be and an endless valley.







Le Gard, Pulling down and cruxing out. 11042011365


Topping out. 11042011378

Summit views and looking down the valley into the Ecrin.  The town of St. Christoph is just up and over to the left of this photo.