trip/rescue insurance

Provallone does not provide rescue insurance or trip insurance for any of our trips. We strongly encourage our guests to purchase these for their financial protection.

Travel Guard provides reasonable rates and reasonable packages to accommodate for a wide variety of coverages.

Why take trip insurance?

Ten reasons why Trip Insurance is a good idea.

Rescue Insurance

A rescue can be very expensive, especially when helicopters are involved!  If you choose to get trip insurance, check to see if they include rescue insurance (they should).  If you opt out of trip insurance, there are a few other options listed below.  Please decide what will work best for you and if you still have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

American Alpine Club (AAC):

A membership with the AAC automatically enrolls you in a Trailhead Rescue membership with Global Rescue.  This provides the member with $5,000 of coverage for rescue and evacuation to the nearest hospital or clinic because of a serious illness or injury that occurs beyond the start of the trail.  A myriad of backcountry activities are covered, including climbing, hiking, skiing, and mountain biking, and there are no elevation limitations.  To learn more about Global Rescue go to the American Alpine Club Website.

To become a member of the AAC click here

REGA (Switzerland only)

If you are climbing or skiing within Switzerland, you can subscribe to REGA.  REGA rescue insurance can be purchased online at for around 30 Swiss Francs for the year per individual.  This is a great deal if your activities are just within Switzerland.

Carte Neige (Snow Card)

This is a French skiers’ insurance but is valid world wide for non-motorized recreational mountain sports (with some limitations, such as paragliding and competitive events).  It is an annual subscription that expires in October (their definition of the start and end of the year).  With the Carte Neige, for accidents occurring outside of France, you will need to pay your rescue bill and then get reimbursed from Carte Neige.