Snow provides one of the biggest enjoyments in life, but with it comes more hazards in one of the most dynamic mediums known to nature.  There are so many things to know about snow from Avalanche Assessment and travel techniques, to the complexities and hazards of navigating glaciers.  Joe is experienced in all mediums of snow.  From Avalanche Awareness and travel techniques to your first time climbing with an ice axe and crampons,  We can build a custom day or multi day adventure that will give you the foundation to use the right techniques and tools while traveling in the wonderful world of snow.

Basic snow schools are a great foundation for all things snow whether you are a climber or a skier, you should know that there is more to climbing snow then just holding an ice axe and walking in crampons.  In a 1 day snow school we review, all the basic steps while walking and climbing on snow.  The foot work is the foundation and knowing all the classic French techniques and German technique is critical to moving on.  We then add the Ice Axe with and without crampons to learn all the classic French positions and their applications.  As we move on we address self arrest in all it’s positions.  There is more to self arrest then just swinging your axe at the snow and hoping for the best as movies may lead you to believe.  We then graduate to a small snow and or mixed objective that requires application of most of the techniques taught throughout the day.

To find out more about taking a snow school course, contact us using the trip builder.

Liz Oakes Smart en route while climbing steep snow on the West Face of the Eiger.

Liz Oakes Smart topping out in the Breche De Rateu, Ecrin National Park , France.