Avalanche Education

Avalanche Awareness is the first step and the most important step to staying alive in Avalanche terrain.  Whether you are an experienced Backcountry enthusiasts, or a first timer,  There really is no excuse for not getting educated.  With close to 20 years traveling in the backcountry and 13 years teaching avi education,  Joe is an excellent instructor to give you the tools to reckognize the signs and choose appropriate travel techniques and routes to enjoy your outings.  It’s great to get Level 1 2 and 3 training, but even with the highest level of experience and the most certs, even the best in the business rely on basic Avalanche Awareness skills to make quick and informed decisions about Backcountry travel.  You can pull out all the snow study kits and bust snow science lingo all day, but it really comes back to the basics, and it’s not rocket science.

Avalanche Awareness seminars can be taught as a one day classroom informative, or to get the most of an Awareness class go for a two day seminar.  The first day is classroom and prepares the group for a 1 day tour in the field the next day to practice and implement the Back country travel techniques learned the day before.

A two day awareness class will get you well on your way to making good decisions and knowing who your going with.

Some of the things covered and learning outcomes of a two day seminar include.

  • Types and characteristics of avalanches
  • Avalanche motion
  • Size classification
  • Field observation techniques
  • Avalanche danger factors or “Red Flags”
  • Observation checklist
  • Avalanche danger scale
  •  Trip Planning and Preparation
  • Avalanche terrain recognition, assessment, and selection
  • Route finding and travel techniques
  • Decision making and Human Factors
  •  Companion Rescue and Equipment
  • Navigation

Opening day skier triggered Avalanche in La Grave France December 2011