A Drink for the Boys! Doug and Chad we miss you!

Chancel Refuge April 5 2011

So we all headed up for Richards Birthday party to spend the night in the Chancel.  It was an amazing night, the snow was isothermic everywhere, it was pretty much impossible to ski down this late in the day from the rapid warming, but what better place to spend the night with good people and an amazing place. The night was filled with surprises and some good memories.

Just before sunset with dinner set for 8:00 pm Myself, Barny, Richard, Waldo, and Tim Connely set out for a small adventure.  We were on our way to the entrance of the Polichinelle to honor the boys with a toast 5 years and one night to the day since they left us for bigger mountains and better skiing somewhere else.  It’s a special time for me,  I have not skied the couloir since the day after the accident, but everytime I ski by the entrance I wave, and I feel a different kind of air and smell there, it’s strange, it never goes away.  I was psyched at the effort our small team made to get to the entrance for a drink with the boys.

Barny just after about 1 minute of walking from the hut,  You could see what we were getting into but it was worth it!

Contemplating if this is a good Idea or not, Such an amazing setting in an amazing place. Leaving the comforts of the Chancel Refuge behind to drink with the boys!

This has to be my favorite photo from the adventure. Waldo in the lead up to his waste, Richard up to his neck and Barny just watching from the safety and comfort of his own little rock, 🙂  Too Funny!

The pace and scene of things to follow

Tim performing the front stroke and the back stroke , a great Isothermic snow travel technique, of course easier to do and more fun with some alcohol in the system!

My favorite the back stroke!

Perfect light on a perfect evening , the setting at the upper entrance!

A small moment of silence and the reality of where we are!  A sobering moment!

Pooring one for the Boys,  Chad and Doug we miss you!

The surprise of the evening was Iraitz leaving La Grave at 5:00 to swim up 1100 meters of Isothermic slop on foot and skins to make the party,  Better late then never, here is the arrival video.

Upon returning to the Chancel, we were entertained with an amazing circus performance and a much appreciated surprise for all Bravo!

Ok, excuse me for the next photo, but that is what the lights of La Grave look like from the chancel Refuge at night.  I think it looks like a giant horse jumping over a fence in stride towards Villar D Rene, I also think the 2 dim lights from underneath him represent his giant horse cock.  What do you think?

The ambiance, the people, the food the life in La Grave just can’t be beat, These are the good times that will stay with us forever!

The view of the warmth from outside!

One of the nicest dinners in one of the nicest places you could ever be so lucky to enjoy!

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