The below  chart is based on the winter Alps season while in Europe.

Half days are from 9-1 off of the lift and can usually allow for 2-3 medium to big descents and about  4000 meters of skiing or more depending on the groups ability.

Full days are day objectives with an alpine start or with the lift and usually run from 0900h to 1600 when the lifts close or we finish our day climb or skiing objective.

Mountain days are days that take longer and require first lift or alpine starts and usually require all the day light and sometimes even over nights if using the Alpine Hut systems.  If an overnight is required there will be additional fees to cover the guides food and hut fees if required.

ProVallone specializes in high end guiding and the product is a more customized product then other commercial services due to the ratio. We strive to keep the ratios at a 4:1 for more time skiing, less time waiting and or being exposed, and more 1-1 time with coaching and mentoring while skiing with ProVallone.  The terrain in the Alps is quite technical and running smaller ratios not only increase the quality of the day but it also increases the safety and mitigates the risk that larger groups are exposed too.  Smaller groups move faster, get more skiing, and get more coaching and attention while learning about the mountain environment.   More importantly, Smaller groups can do bigger and more technical objectives.  In  a nutshell,  you get what you pay for 🙂

In some instances and specialized cases where the groups know each other and have a compatible ski ability and dynamic, we can up the ratios to 6:1 for classic itineraries and although big, non technical descents.  Please contact us to inquire about specialized groups, itineraries and pricing.

Rates Half Day Full Day Mountain Day
1 Guest €200 €350 €400
2 Guests €250 €400 €450
3 Guests €300 €450 €500
4 Guests €350 €500 €550