When it comes to off piste skiing and hiring a guide, it really doesn’t get much better.  For Provallone skiing is more then a job or a hobby,  it has become a lifestyle.  With 33 years on skis and the most diverse skiing background you can find in a mountain guide, you will be in the best hands you can find. From daily tips to coaching and security when needed, you will get more then a guided tour.  We strive to make you better and a part of the experience.  We won’t just hold your hand and take you down the mountain, we will give you the tools to take your own adventures to the next level.  We specialize in steep and technical terrain where moving through the terrain is more of an art and a journey then a goal.  With 11 seasons in La Grave France, it’s no wonder provallone is one of the best in the business.

Primarily based out of La Grave France, the European Alps are the canvas of your dreams for some of the best guided off piste ski tours of your life.  Although the Alps are home, we are not limited to Europe.  Joe’s adventures have taken him all over the world and we can customize a tour where ever you would like to go.  From Heli Skiing in Alaska to Expedition skiing in South America, and local skiing in the Summit County area and Arapahoe Basin Backcountry,  We can make your dream ski vacation come true.

Joe Vallone about to get into the business in one of La Graves Finest Couloirs!

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